Our company adhere to the 6S management firmly for a long term which provides a solid foundation to excellent and stable product quality.

Our furniture board used high quality core board which control strictly of water content so that can ensure the plate surface formation, no drum, no blistering,no depression.We insist on "Quality-based, reputation -based."

High-quality furniture board used non-formaldehyde glue in order to protect your health. Furniture board exports to the United States for many years and approved the United States California Air Resources Commission's highest level of CARB PHASE 2 environmental certification.Our furniture board ranked first among the peer domestic counterparts in the United States market.

Advanced puzzle machine can ensure high-quality  core board seamless stitching and protect the furniture board smoothly.

A large number of pre-press machine and hot pressing machine not only can ensure the plate of long pre-pressing and hot pressing time but also can guarantee the ultra-high stability of board,no open layer, no deformation.

Good quality of the entire core board can ensure the furniture board without stacking, no core, quality is always the same.

High-precision sanding machine can ensure surface of furniture board smoothly, thickness stably. That can avoid roughness of light sand surface and sandy a lot.

Our company has advanced UV production lines so that can satisfy the guests of high-quality furniture board’ needs and requirements.

Our company has established a long-term and stable cooperation with  Europe and the United States merchants. High-quality furniture board exports to Europe and the United States market, and win the vast number of domestic consumers favor.

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