As for Modern Chinese-style Solid Furniture, we select a special North American high-grade white oak wood which has high density. And wood hills matched with ruled well. You can see the "Mountain and Flowing Water" panoramic view that giving you unlimited reverie.

Artisan work conscientiously, carefully and meticulous, as a result, they achieved each type of rare works of art like furniture Pierre! Long clouds not only bring pleasure to you but also bring you unlimited blessings and good luck.

As for Paint and varnish,we use the environmental protection paint which is made of world's top five hundred enterprises named Akesu from Dutch world to ensure your health. Film shine full of jade, silky as silk, touch the texture as if the skin of the pro.

Design: the whole series of products throughout the 5,000-year tradition of the China that "blessing, good fortune,life,joy,money" design concept combined with the modern fashion elements. Think over the Chinese history of the 5000-year-old civilization,we struggle in the process of life, acid, sweet, bitter, spicy colorful course come into the mind. At that time, raising a cup of tea, happy tears may can not help gushing out of the eyes, enjoying success Feeling!

Product culture: After a day’s busy work,go home to pour a cup of tea, having a seat on the solid wood furniture, you will feel tiredness immediately evaporated, happily to enjoy your own romantic, warm and leisure life.

Our products have made numerous happy home and our service all over the world. Our greatest glory is to  meet your requirements.

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