We choose the tulip wood from the North America,which the density is moderate, delicate texture, anti cracking, anti deformation, is furniture material with superior quality!

Artisan crafted every strict in demands, the achievements of the rare works of art like furniture pierre!

We use the world's top five hundred enterprises from Holland Akesu environmental protection paint, to ensure your health.

The timber we imported need to dry,and will strictly control the moisture content for protecting

the furniture structure and performance of a high degree of stability.

The furniture parts and semi-finished products into the dehumidifying room after at least 48 hours of aging, in the production aspects of stable structure and performance once again finished furniture provided protection.

Furniture semi-finished products into the constant temperature room at least 48 hours of rest, which provides a solid guarantee for the excellent quality of our furniture products.

Furniture parts through multi-channel sanding and polishing processes to protect the furniture surface smooth and delicate.

The delicate hand sanding procedures to ensure that finished furniture silky smooth

We guarantee the mortise and tenon structure durable furniture

Primer process is completed, master the polished finish and ensure strict in demands of finished furniture perfect film.

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