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Saforture furniture adhering to the "original ecology, environmental protection, service and win-win" business philosophy. What is more, our products all have gone through the glue, paint E0, low-formaldehyde and formaldehyde-free certification. Our company is committed to the development, manufacture and sales of a full range of household products such as high-end sheet metal, solid wood furniture, high-end cabinets, solid wood doors, solid wood flooring and so on. Conform the industry chain-related resources, from design - custom - production - logistics - installation - after-sale integrity of the home chain operations.

As one of the world's one-stop personalized custom and whole-house high-end solid wood home furnishing operations leader, Safortune insist on personal custom design and whole house design two design as the guide and committed to the national health and environmental protection to meet each successful person distinguished, elegant taste of life needs and constant innovation and make contribution to society.

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