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Sanfortune home and furniture Group now owns the Santa Ana brand American classic series of solid wood furniture, holy Shidianhua new Chinese series of solid wood furniture, health cabinets, wardrobe, solid wood doors, solid wood flooring, bathroom hardware, home soft equipment and so on. All can allowing customers to experience one-stop whole house  customized convenience and enjoyment. And have from design, customized, production, logistics, installation and after-sale integrity of the home chain operations.

First,let us introduce O2O customized for you.  

They are 3 steps in O2O customized,namely consult shopping guide, design online do it by yourself and purchase furniture.

As for consult shopping guide,at first customer can browse website design by internet for inspiration. Then you can contact shopping guide who can teach you how to use DIY platform.

     Second, you can design by yourself. Edit flat unit you like, choose furniture element from product library.As a result, you can see the 3D effect design, you also can send this to your friend to ask them for suggestions. In the end you can go the nearest shop to experience it.

    At last, if you are pleased with it, you can purchase furniture online.

All Home Customizable Process:

1. Site mapping, budget evaluation and tell some information for you.

2. Have a communication with customer, offer blueprint so that customer can confirm home style.

3. Customer will prepaid, confirm revised blueprint, then confirm home decoration, agree with revised program at the end.

4. When customer confirmed program, we will start to work, including floor, furniture and door.

5. Tracking project, install equipment, Preliminary inspection, finish decoration, post-maintenance.

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