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Talent Policy: Build a platform for staff

We always believe that employees not only are the most valuable asset of company, but also the power resources of company's sustainable development.In the Sanforture home and furniture Group, we always put the staff in the priority position. Their extraordinary talent, rich experience and selfless devotion, make our products and services outstanding.

We have always had a lasting appeal to talent. This is because the company has a rich cultural heritage and vitality.So our employees feeling warm all the time in the company, sharing each other's growth and creating a brilliant future together.It is also a necessary condition for each employee to realize his potential through individual contributions and collective efforts of the team.

When you come to Sanforture home and furniture Group, you feel not only the hard struggle of the fiery passion, but also the "outstanding culture with the modern civilization". What is more important is our company always adhere to the talent policy "build a platform for staff", re-interpretation of the relationship between enterprises and employees, so that make everyone realizes that agree with corporate culture from the heart, becomes a real " Safortune people."

We create these opportunists for you:

Protect employee’s legal rights.

Respect for employees, accept personality and opinions of staff.

Create a Harmonious working environment, build a platform for staff, and pay attention to staff’s development and value.

Advocates the staff to agree with the enterprise cultural concept.

Praise healthy and simple interpersonal relationships highly.

Fair in selection,education standard.

Offer you a competitive salary.

Provide you a promotion of space and a complete career planning.
Have a mechanism to encourage staff to pragmatic and enterprising,achieve self-worth,make dream come true.

You need have these quality and characteristics:

Have pioneering and innovative, progressive spirit.

Possess rigorous and meticulous work attitude.

Hold professional skills of job requirements.

Have the desire to succeed.

Possess the professional ethics of integrity, diligence, self-discipline.

Have thought of cooperation and win-win team......
We will create colorful home together and have a bright future.

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